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Welcome to All  Conservative Women!

If you are a woman with the courage to speak up and take action, you’ll feel at home with us. God gave us all unique talents, and they are prized and respectfully used to further our objectives. The club also provides opportunities to expand your skill set. There is genuine love in this group of women.

Texas Tea Party Republican Women

“A Texas ShinDig/Gala” Fundraiser – October 12, 2024

Join us on October 12, just before the election, for a Joint Event with Cherry Tree Republicans to honor our very own Gail Stanart and hear from some of your favorite Republican Officials and Candidates at the beautiful Shirley Acres Venue.  Details forth coming!

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July Monthly Meeting (RESCHEDULED) – August 6, 2024

July Monthly Meeting (RESCHEDULED) – August 6, 2024

Come Join us for dinner and to hear "What's Stewing" at our State Legislature with Representative Dr. Tom Oliverson. Our August meeting will be the FIRST (not second as usual) Tuesday of the month due to having to reschedule our July meeting. Please RSVP below. WE...

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Patriot Award Presented to One of Our Own – Alexie Swirsky

Patriot Award Presented to One of Our Own – Alexie Swirsky


Many of us watched in awe-filled expectancy as he defended his legislation last year to protect children! Tom’s bio is posted below. He is definitely “on top of” upcoming 2025 legislation—and he will want to hear from you as well!

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Monthly Meetings

We meet the second Tuesday of  the month in a restaurant near Champion Forest and Stuebner Airline. (Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, 5050 Cypress Creek Pkwy (FM 1960), Houston, TX 77069)

Husbands, students, and visitors are warmly welcomed. Current local, state, and national elected officials and candidates attend our meetings. Speakers educate us on topics aligned with our mission.

Dutch Lunch is a chance for we women to meet informally at least every other month. Sometimes there’s a speaker and sometimes it’s just a chance to chat.  Dutch Lunch is held at Cypress – Spring Creek Barbeque, 21746 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77070.


What We Do!

Issues Education

Our meetings at Texas Tea Party Republican Women bring together speakers from diverse organizations who are dedicated to helping you gain a deeper understanding of the pertinent issues.

Fund Raise for Candidates

Join the Texas Tea Party Republican Women in supporting our conservative candidates and making a difference for our community. Together, we can uphold our conservative Christian principles and work towards a brighter future for Texas. With creative fund raising events and a dedication to principles, we are not your typical ‘country club and cocktails’ Republican club. Help us get the word out to the public and contribute to campaigns in need. Join us today!

Candidate Debates

Engage in the democratic process and stay informed on the latest political debates organized by Texas Tea Party Republican Women. Join us as we tackle important issues, foster critical discussions, and support conservative values. Our candidate debates are an opportunity for us to be actively involved in shaping our community and electing leaders who share our principles. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to participate in the political discourse!

Campaign Education

Join us to make a difference and learn more about our campaigns, candidates, and issues. We provide campaign education at our meetings where you can ask the candidates those hard questions. Together, we can work towards a better future for our community and our country.

Voter Registration

At Texas Tea Party Republican Women, we believe that every voice matters. We are dedicated to empowering our community by encouraging voter registration. Exercise your democratic right and make a difference in our great state of Texas. Join us in shaping the future!

Block Walking

With donuts and bagels in the morning and a delightful lunch afterward, this engaging group activity offers a chance to meet wonderful individuals. Join us for our upcoming block walking session with the Texas Tea Party Republican Women.

“To promote Judeo-Christian Values

in Government

Through Political and Charitable Activities”

There’s a spiritual awakening in the United States right now, and the Texas Tea Party Republican Women are part of it. If you agree with our conservative vision and objectives, join us.

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Being a member of Texas Tea Party Republican Women is truly special. As part of our vibrant community in Houston, Spring, Tomball, and Cypress, Texas, you'll join a group of passionate individuals dedicated to upholding Conservative Christian Principles. We stand united in our unwavering support for Pro-Life, Pro-Family, and Pro-Israel values. Together, we proudly rally behind our troops, fighting for the liberties we hold dear. Join us and make an impact alongside like-minded individuals who believe in the strength of this Constitutional Republic, the Principles on which this country was founded. Together, we can shape a future that aligns with our shared vision. Become a member today and be a part of something extraordinary.

If you would like to print a PDF and send it in, click here.

If you would like to join through our website form and use your credit card, you can fill out one form per person,   click here                                                                            For all forms of payment, please call the number above and leave a message.



There are a variety of committees where your talents can flourish. To help you find the perfect fit, here is a list of our committees and their respective tasks.

  • The Americanism committee is responsible for reminding members about the values America upholds and promoting patriotism through newsletters and meetings.
  • The Awards committee ensures that the board stays informed about activities that have the potential to win awards, managing records and necessary paperwork.
  • The Campaign Activities committee plays a crucial role in encouraging all members to actively participate in campaigns and voter turnout efforts, providing information on candidates and organizing groups.
  • Caring for America focuses on supporting pro-life activities and finding other ways to demonstrate our care for our community.
  • The Communications committee oversees the production of our newsletters, handbooks, and website.
  • The Events committee assists the Events Chair in organizing and executing various events.
  • Fundraising involves both one-time special events and ongoing efforts to sell items, contributing to our financial stability.
  • The Hospitality committee plays a vital role in welcoming and checking in attendees at meetings and events.
  • Meeting Management takes charge of meeting logistics and financial matters in collaboration with the Treasurer.
  • The Membership committee handles telephone communication, outreach, hospitality, and young women outreach, maintains the database and shares information with TFRW. They also recruit and train new members.
  • Legislation aims to enhance communication with legislators, providing important information on bills and legislation at both the Texas and national levels.
  • The Newsletter committee is responsible for designing, writing, and sending monthly newsletters to our members.
  • The Nominations Committee is elected by the Club to provide a slate of nominees for the upcoming board.
  • Outreach plans events to introduce women and men to Republican principles.
  • The Political Action committee recommends the allocation of PAC funds to deserving candidates, appointed by the President.
  • The Programs committee assists the Program Chair with arranging speakers and their gifts.
  • Public Relations assists the PR Chair by crafting articles, announcements, and submitting them, along with pictures, to newspapers and seeking recognition for our awards and community service.
  • Recruitment helps the Executive Board with filling committee positions.
  • The Voter Registration committee recruits and trains voter registrars, and organizes events to create opportunities for voter registration.
  • Young Women Outreach focuses on recruiting young women to join our club.

Additionally, we have standing appointees such as the Historian, responsible for preserving historical files and pictures, and the Webmaster, maintaining our website.

Our Special Committees undertake activities within a limited period for consideration by the Executive Board. These include:


  • The Budget committee, which drafts a new budget between the election of the new Executive Board in October and the Executive Board Meeting in January.
  • The Bylaws committee, appointed by the President, reviews and proposes changes as required by TFRW and the Club, with the Parliamentarian as Chair.
  • The Handbook committee researches information about elected officials, prepares a new design, includes pictures, and sells ads.
  • The Internal Review committee conducts a financial records review in January and submits a report in February.
  • The Literacy committee provides books and dictionaries to schools. 
  • Finally, the Scholarship committee recruits and assesses nominees based on high graduation or college needs.
  • Discover where you can make a difference and contribute to the Texas Tea Party Republican Women today!

We operate as a State of Texas Political Action Committee (PAC) and file records with the Texas Ethics Commission twice a year showing income, expenditures, and donors. We're also a member of the National Federation of Republican Women. TEXAS TEA pays dues to both of these organizations for each of our primary members.
To make a donation to our PAC, click here.

Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll be in touch to answer all your questions.

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